Ideas for expanding the branding of Ph.Creative.

I was recently lucky enough to do a placement at Ph.Creative in Liverpool and over a week took on a couple of projects. One being looking into ideas to expand the existing branding of Ph.

My first approach built upon their existing logo (or Ph.ubble) as a starting point. I used the full stop of the logo as a focus point for a geometric octagonal mark.



Another approach that was discussed/ explored was to give the logo weight and mass. A 3D ‘blob’ would be distorted based on data inputs.


I decided upon the octagonal concept as I felt it had more potential as an extension of the current Ph brand. A data-driven aspect of this concept came from a grid system upon which the focus point could shift position in response to data or context. As an example, the dot could move towards an edge representing a particular service if a project drew upon that expertise.


The application of the Octagon in several different forms, Keeping the clean aspect of existing Ph. branding.