I was part of one of two teams presented with the opportunity of designing a draft issue of a new cultural publication for Liverpool titled “Periscope”. We would pitch our idea at the end of the project and whichever team won the pitch would go on to design the pilot issue.



(Logo development above)



Our solution was a folded a standard A5 publication with a detachable fold out acting as a jacket and featuring a map designed to be used separately. Inspired by both Situationist International and the posters created by Atelier Populaire in the May 1968 Parisian uprising, the design used a limited colour palette of blue and red and an abstract map with no fixed route to allow the reader to forge their own path and look at the city in a new way. The cover sought to reinforce this idea by having photographs from a possible route between arts venues encompassing both high and low culture of Liverpool from the Anglican Cathedral to Mr Chips.

With one of the aspects of the brief being that the reproduction and finishing of the publication had to be done in-house by the team we kept to a limited colour palette of blue and red which allowed us to use the course risograph printer as the means of reproduction. We also pitched an idea that later became reality with the draft issue of using the content from the publication and put it on posters/ display in public places.