Brief 'Football North -

“Spiel runs a football tournament for North West design industry people, design agencies, designers and Art Schools. Each year this is growing in popularity. Design a series of posters- The concept must reflect the combination of Design Creatives and Football.”

The spark for the logo came from the initial research, I personally knew next to nothing about football so looked into the culture of the sport and some came across the bizarre Oscar Wilde of the sport, Eric Cantona. One specific quote about abstraction, we also looked into the links between design and football and also found a quote from Wim Crouwel comparing the sport to the discipline of design.

“I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery”

-Eric Cantona

“The grid is like the lines on a football field. You can play a great game on the grid or a lousy game. But the goal is to play a really fine game.”
-Wim Crouwell

The key thoughts being the use of abstraction and the pitch as a "grid", we felt the purest way to show this would be to abstract the marking on the pitch itself to develop a modular typeface and symbol system.

After developing the typeface we then fed them back into their original setting as pitch markings, this became the design of the series of 4 A2 posters we intended to send out to the teams, starting with a poster that would just look like a flood of symbols in a grid that would slowly reduce to a single symbol.

The symbol on the final poster would be the assigned symbol for each of the 8 teams (8 being the number of unique letters in 'Football North') This would be a simple solution to the fact that the teams might not have "kits" that would indicate who was part of what team, these bibs would serve as a memento of the event. 

The Trophy

Given the tournament was to be 5-aside and that footballs are made of geometric shapes such as a pentagon we felt it made sense to make the winners medals out of them. These would come together to form the winner's trophy.