A risograph print created for and exhibited at the launch of new Liverpool based risograph printers and design studio JONZO.

The brief :-

“We’d like you to create a print for us to be displayed at our launch event. The brief is to celebrate the happy accidents, ugly babies and imperfections that the process of Risographing often bestows upon us.“

Having used the Ricoh HQ9000 digital duplicator (Which for all intents and purposes is the same process as a Risograph) a fair amount both during projects and also personal work the idea of “Ugly Babies” as JONZO put it is not only something I am aware of but I also love. Printing anything using a Riso technique is essentially an exercise in letting go, registration will be different print to print, colour can become uneven and just generally things go wrong often leading to very nice but unexpected results.



That idea of letting go and allowing for random things to occur and hope for the best is what lead me to use a program/technique that was still fairly new to me, Processing specifically processing using the HYPE framework. Using a grid layout and a bank of simple geometric shapes (above) allowed me to generate as many compositions as I wanted in a very short space of time, then it’s simply the task of either choosing the best composition or in my case taking pieces from multiple composition and putting them together and adding colour.



As the risograph only prints one colour at a time you have to separate out the colours into files (above)


With the inherent controlled randomness of the riso printing techniques and also how the print was produced it only felt right for the title to reflect the idea of wrong things being right or Eric Morecambe would say it’s “…all the right notes, just not necessarily in the right order.”