After completing The Periscope group project [and winning the pitch] I was invited to be part of the four-person team to design and produce the pilot issue of ‘Periscope.’ We were asked to develop from the format and style of the original project [See ‘Periscope I’].

I was charged with the layout of the interior pages of the publication which again was developed from the design and grid system used in the first project though this time the publication had a richer set of imagery from photographs to illustrations commissioned by Rachel Davey.

The contents system for Periscope was a block place at the top of the page, this both signified the type of content you were reading and also a place on the map relating to the content.

The Periscope also had accompanying posters placed in locations around Liverpool We chose four articles (the ones with Illustrations by Rachel Davey) and created a poster for each.

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