The Westboro Baptist Church are famed for their talent of putting bullshit slogans onto badly designed placards and slinging verses of fire and brimstone. This publication is a call to arms. A sort of ‘start your own protest’ kit to use in retaliation to the WBC by using humour rather than hatred.

People like this do not listen to reason, they set out to cause anger and hatred in people. People have been trying for a while to fight the good fight against this pocket of whack jobs and it always seems to end in hostility. Acknowledging how much WBC aspire to be detestable in everything they do, I tried to take a different tack. Rather than giving them the hate they so obviously crave I suggest instead using silliness and humour to undermine their groundless bigotry.

One of the initial problems with this idea of using their nonsense as a way to get back at them was the problem of the message, theirs couldn’t be used because frankly no amount of irony can make “God Hates Fags” “Jews killed Jesus” etc funny, that was of course until I realised that most of these slogans are one or two-letter changes away from vaguely surreal yet still as batshit sentiments.

The format of the kit came purely out of its function, It needed to be a readable publication but also used as a piece of protest equipment and this is where I took a leaf out of the WBC’s Our-Ladybird book of protest. The sign held at the hip and building in “the preacher mode.

One of the issues I had was the fine balancing point between making this look good but also not using anything most people couldn’t get access to even down to the finishing I had to look for what I have come to call “The perfect amount of shittyness” from the slight miscuts of the wood to allowing parts of words to be lost across the centre of the pages.

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